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We’re looking for // WRITERS who have strong opinions and are willing to share them in the hopes that we can make this country less apathetic and more thoughtful. We want thought provoking articles. We want opinions. It can be humourous, it can be serious. It can be in depth, it can be broad. We encourage all styles of writing here.


We want // CREATIVES  who have a story to tell through their craft and are looking to make a name for themselves.




Ideally, it’s about changing this country. It’s about having a platform with which you can do that. But there’s more to being a part of this site than just that.


You get a letter of recommendation. That will give you a leading advantage on your CV that not many others will have. (Given if you work for at least 2 months.)


Additionally, OTL will never shut down, thus you will get a portfolio that you can show to any potential employers. Tangible evidence of your skill as a writer /creative.


You get to grow and hone your skills as you are given feedback on your performance. This allows you to know where your strengths lie and what needs work.

Reward structures where high impacting members of the OTL family will have their work acknowledged.




// WRITERS: At least one article every month.

// CREATIVES: Creative projects will be discussed on a case by case basis.

We understand everyone has their own responsibilities and work and other deadlines but professionalism is expected. This is a website that has a responsibility to its readers and thus the OTL family shares that obligation as well.



// WRITERS: Send us a submission piece on a topic that you feel would fit on our website. Alternatively, send us some of your previous work or links to where we can view it.

Send the above to admin@otlmedia.co.za & we’ll get back to you within 2 weeks.


// CREATIVES: Send us either a link to your portfolio so that we can peruse it, or just email us the work you’re proudest of. None of your work will be redistributed or shared with anyone aside from the team reviewing your application.

Send the above to admin@otlmedia.co.za & we’ll get back to you within 2 weeks.