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On The Line is an intersectional blog with a passion for disrupting the status quo. Here we get to share our unique messages and experiences with the world.


Millennials. Rebels. Hustlers. Free thinkers. Activists. Change-makers.


Questioning the way things are, challenging belief systems and sparking conversations is what we’re all about. Revolutions don’t happen in comfort zones. You’ve got to live life on the edge. You’ve got to put it all on the line.




– OTL maintains an intersectional philosophy and focuses on marginalised groups to dismantle systems of oppression. (Intersectionality is a means of addressing the oppressive systems in our society which are interconnected and cannot be viewed separately from one another)


– We strive to be inclusive in our language and content.


– We are body positive, trans-inclusive, pro sex work, anti-capitalist and anti-drug war.


– OTL believes in decolonisation and crushing the kyriarchy i.e the current social system that governs our society and exists to keep oppressive systems in place.


– We do our best to produce content that is easily accessible and understandable.


– We welcome writers and creatives who wish to publish content anonymously.




As a blog we receive a lot of feedback and we’d like to keep that channel of communication open with our readers. Since we’ve decided to disable our comment section, we’ve been plagued with less spam, trolls and arguments.


This is not about censorship, this is about creating a constructive and safe space where people feel they can engage without being attacked.




If we feel that content we have published is not up to scratch or goes against our code of conduct, we reserve the right to take it down. We want to be held accountable for our mistakes and rectify them when and if they occur.