What Happens When A Huffington Post Editor Forgets She’s On The Left

What Happens When A Huffington Post Editor Forgets She’s On The Left

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A quick google search defines “the left” (as in left-wing politics) as “a group or party favoring liberal, socialist, or radical views”. In this regard, Huffington Post is at the forefront of the liberal movement when it comes to mainstream publications. They’re really liberal with liberal views. They covered the BLM movement favourably, and they’re always creating awareness around feminist, racial, LGBTQ and other social issues. They’re right up there with the “woke” movement.

So it was rather ironic when Liz Heron, current Executive Editor of Huffington Post, tweeted this:


I mean. Alright, let’s go through this step by step. You’ll notice there is not a single man in the photo. Cool. You’ll also notice that everyone is pretty young. Swag. You can imagine the point she’s making here and in a male-dominated industry, that’s cool. But how she missed the most glaringly obvious issue in this photo is beyond me. I mean you can barely see they’re all women because of the glare of whiteness in this photo.

It didn’t take long for the rest of Twitter to pick up on the tragic irony of this photo.





Of course, it also brought out the worst of Twitter with many, mostly white men, deciding to completely miss the point of outrage and decide to attack the photo because they didn’t feature. Or completely mocking real issues to make what they considered a funny joke.



“Menses are synchronised?” – Like really? Really?




Oh Zidane.



At least one person looked right past the social issues. Priorities.



By the end of the outrage, it was pointed out that there is in fact one person of colour right at the back, but nothing’s been confirmed. Liz hasn’t seemed to comment on the outrage, which is probably wise, given how much sexism was shown in the replies.

At the end of the day, no one really won. Liz’s tweet also served as a reminder that self-awareness is really important. You have to step back and look at yourselves every now and then. For all we know, women of colour could be part of the team but just weren’t around. However, Twitter isn’t here to wait for the facts and give people a reasonable chance to defend themselves. It’s about 140 characters of outrage and contempt.

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