Problematic Club In Cape Town ‘Relaunches’ As A NEW Problematic Club

Problematic Club In Cape Town ‘Relaunches’ As A NEW Problematic Club

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Many of us have been there. It was a staple of our younger, more naive days. The same drinks specials, same music, same people, same friends, same clothing, same filthy carpet. You didn’t go to Tiger Tiger because you wanted a wildly interesting night that you’d remember. You went to Tiger Tiger because you knew exactly what you were getting. Just like you never pretended that Friday Pie-Day at BP was a gourmet meal but you still bought it because you knew it would meet your sub par standards.

But over time, Tiger Tiger lost its allure for many and there have been rumours circling of its demise. So many fond memories. The female bartenders¬† dressed in next to nothing. The classy event where they used people from the dwarfism community to run around in costumes. The infamous nights where a girl could win a boob job. The string of scandals that showed management either didn’t care or was too stubborn to fix its fundamental issues. I’m sure you can see the sarcasm dripping everywhere.



Please don’t misunderstand me. I was fully a part of the culture & am just as responsible for promoting it as everyone else. But the beauty is that people grew up and opened their eyes. People got more educated and less tolerant for problematic culture and opinions. And so Tiger Tiger should have withered away and been forgotten. The way nature intended.

Until their relaunch party.

It seems management didn’t get the memo and so here we are, Tiger Tiger triumphantly heralding its return to the social elite. “Tiger Tiger is going back to our roots and is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment! ” they announce excitedly. “Join us for a massive student night…just how you remember it back in the day!” they add. “Girls dress to impress” thrown in for good measure.

The social backlash was inevitable.

2016-05-22 23_21_31-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

2016-05-22 23_19_09-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

Mini Radebe wasted no time in going in. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because she was a driving force in getting Rocking The Daisies to organise a hip hop tent for this year’s edition.

2016-05-22 23_19_22-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

Some came to the defence of the club. Well, one so far.

2016-05-22 23_20_03-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

After that brief, heavily misguided interlude, the backlash continues.

2016-05-22 23_20_14-Tiger Tiger Relaunch


2016-05-22 23_20_27-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

2016-05-22 23_20_34-Tiger Tiger Relaunch


2016-05-22 23_20_57-Tiger Tiger Relaunch


2016-05-22 23_21_11-Tiger Tiger Relaunch


2016-05-22 23_21_22-Tiger Tiger Relaunch

And so here we are. Sorry Tiger Tiger, but we all grew up. We grew less tolerant of problematic behaviour. I won’t pretend like there weren’t some good times, but it’s in the past. Let’s rather keep it there please.

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