Why Both Sexes should be Feminist

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Why Both Sexes should be Feminist

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Patriarchy is damaging to both sexes. Here’s why:

Men according to patriarchy:

Men are straight.

Men are muscular and tall.

Men eat meat.

Men drink beer.

Men do not care about their appearances.

Men are never effeminate in anyway.

Men do not cry.

Men are not emotional.

Men do not share their feelings.

Men are good at mathematics, driving and reading maps.

Men are not interested in the arts.

Men do not study drama, art or literature.

Men have high sex drives and enjoy adding another “notch” to their bedpost.

Men never feel vulnerable or sensitive.

Men do not wear anything that could be construed as women’s clothing.

Men earn a lot of money.

Men are confident, career-driven and cutthroat.

Men do not cook or perform household duties.

Men do not dance.

Men grow beards and are hairy.

Men are good with money.

Men make the first move and pay for dates.

Men are the main decision makers in relationships.

Men enjoying braaiing and watching sport.



Women according to patriarchy:

Women are feminine and frivolous.

Women are vain.

Women always dress in feminine clothing, are stylish and interested in fashion.

Women eat small amounts.

Women never drink to excess.

Women do not like sex.

Women are confident.

Women are never arrogant or loud.

Women keep their opinions to themselves.

Women are kind, loving and accepting.

Women are emotional and sensitive.

Women are delicate and dainty.

Women are not too muscular, skinny or fat.

Women are naturally mothering.

Women love makeup and shopping.

Women are bad at driving.

Women are spendthrifts.

Women’s main goals include marriage and children.

Women do not, nor desire to, have once-off sex with a stranger.

Women do not swear.

Women assume the bulk of child-rearing and household duties.

Women are good at, and enjoy, cooking and baking.

Women cry into a tub of ice cream while watching a rom-com when sad.

Women strive in culinary, fashion, design and artistic fields.

Women enjoy Jane Austen and chick flicks.

Women do not engage in extreme sports.

Women do not make the first move.

Women talk a lot.

Women wax and shave.

There are more but then I’d never finish writing this article. The point is, if you are a woman patriarchy is harmful to you and you should be against it. And if you are a man, patriarchy is harmful and you should be against it.

Come on okes, come on girls. Let’s fucking fight this thing!

*Insert fist Whatsapp emoticon here.*

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