The study of the Entitled Gamer

Entitled Gamer

Gaming is not for the faint hearted. I mean, sure there are causal games out there like Candy Crush or Farmville 2 (how a sequel was made to this game is beyond me) but the term “gaming” is really reserved for the dedicated. The stereotypical boys that cast aside all social obligations for the sake of their clan. The girl who breaks the shackles of societal preppy expectations and dives into one of the most misogynistic worlds there is. These are gamers. A world where being openly casual is blasphemous.

Being a gamer is not cheap. Consoles cost thousands of Rands, making games costs millions. Don’t even get me started on the prices of games and the extra features that can be bought in them. Top of the range hardware to give you an edge is deadly to the wallet as well. It’s an expensive industry that is complex and crazy, but that’s what makes it so appealing to those involved. As with all things however, it has its faults. The one fault I’d like to look at today is that of the Entitled Gamer.

The Entitled Gamer has a simplistic view on things. They pay money (sometimes) and get things from the companies. Features that they want are easy to implement and if they’re not implemented soon, it’s because the company is being selfish and doesn’t care about their player base. The gaming world revolves around the Entitled Gamer. The Entitled Gamer doesn’t need companies and their games, companies and their games need him. Or her.

Riot World Hunger

Are you starting to wonder if you’re one of them? Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a simple list you can use to check if you’re an Entitled Gamer:

  1. You keep a mental list of everything the company has done wrong and remind everyone whenever you get the chance.
  2. You’re rarely satisfied with any reward or special gift a company gives out.
  3. You expect perfection from a game. Bugs are intolerable and server crashes, even rare ones, are unforgiveable.
  4. You feel you know and understand the game better than the game designers themselves.
  5. You constantly request features and are left shell shocked when your features are not taken seriously by the company or the community.
  6. You label ANY defence of the company as “white knighting” whether the defence is valid or not.
  7. Companies acknowledging they screwed up gives you no satisfaction.
  8. Compensation should never be proportional the mistake in your eyes. Any compensation given should be above and beyond. Every. Single. Time.
  9. You wholeheartedly believe that if companies aren’t spending all their profits on making your experience the way you want it, they’re greedy, evil corporations that just want your wallet.
  10. No matter what, all gaming companies are greedy, evil corporations.

Don’t get me wrong, companies should always be left on their toes and gamers do have a right to complain about things. Companies often get things wrong, but as with all things in life, it’s about moderation and perspective. So next time you’re getting ready to bash a company for whatever shortcoming they made, check this list..

~ Gk

Glenn Kisela
About Glenn Kisela
A self confessed bookworm, he loves to read. He also admits to being part of the gaming world. "Nothing makes me happier than running around with an oversized gun, shooting rockets at people and letting a few numbers boost my ego" - would be his explanation. He enjoys social events, watching more series than is good for his health, is an unashamed coffee addict & a lover of sushi.
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