Six Easy Swaps for a Sexy-licious Summer


fun by the seaGet sexy for summer while studying in 6 simple steps!

So the fourth term is finally upon us. We all know what that means…BEACH TIME! Oh wait, no, we go to varsity…right. Fourth term is well-known for its hectic workload. With work comes studying, and with studying, comes study-breaks involving comfort food and lots of series. Don’t stress, with six simple healthy swaps to your study-break routine, you’ll be acing that degree and turning heads at the same time.

1.       2-Minute-Noodles for a Healthy Stir Fry.

Spend the extra 7 minutes making a healthy stir-fry – it will be just as filling while your tummy’s grumbling and the veggies and meat will stimulate your brain with the extra vitamins and minerals allowing you to learn more effectively.

2.       Coffee for Water.

Coffee is great for an energy boost when doing some late night studying, so I am definitely opposed to its elimination, but try keeping it down to one cup a day.  This one’s not so much a swap as an addition to you daily routine: water.  Counting 8 glasses every 24 hours can get tedious, so try drinking one glass before every time you eat or in-between your meals/snacks. You’ll feel cleansed on the inside and sexier on the outside.

 3.       An Episode for some Cardio.

Let’s face it: series are a very big part Student Life. Study for 2 hours, watch an episode, study another 2 hours, another episode and so forth. Trade in an episode for a quick jog or cycle for the same length of time as the episode you would have watched. Afterwards you’ll feel mentally rejuvenated and physically exhausted; the ideal combination to sit at your desk and calculate formulas. All the better for your sexiness, my dear!

4.       Snooze Button for a 4-Song Tone-Up.

This simple trade-in shouldn’t take more than about 12 minutes, so try and squeeze it in before your morning shower. It’s simple: 4 songs, 4 exercises. Push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, stretches, star-jumps, you name it. Commit yourself to 4 exercises and do them for one song’s length each. Alternate the combination of exercises daily to shake it up and keep your body looking good from all angles.

5.       Ice-cream for Ice-Lollies.

This one’s simple really. Instead of diving for the comfort of unforgiving ice-cream, go for a healthier choice. A fruity ice-lolly will do the trick, satisfying your sweet-tooth letting you feel like you’ve indulged yourself, but leaving you feeling light and fresh. Yhealthy snackou can even make them yourself at home!

6.       Chocolate for Frozen Yoghurt Fruit.

Chocolate is a student’s best friend… Unfortunately it’s not as conducive to your sexy summer shape as it is to fuelling your studies. Try out this crazy new idea; fruit in frozen yoghurt. Take your choice of fresh berries and cover in plain Greek yoghurt. Freeze and bag up and voila, a satisfying snack even better than chocolate.

See? Swapping is Simple. You don’t even have to do all of them, try any 3 you like. Your studying will ultimately be more productive because of the healthier life choices, and when December finally gets here, you’ll be smoking hot as ever. Promise 😉


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