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Lekker Local Music

The best of the best local music in the West(ern Cape)in celebration of South African Heritage Day (‘Third World Spectator’ above)

The South African music industry is rapidly expanding as local bands and artists are making names for themselves, with a great amount of help from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and of course, Youtube. In the spirit of Heritage Day which we will be celebrating our identity as South Africans on Monday 24th September, it is extremely important to support local businesses and that includes local South African music! ‘Die Antwoord’ and ‘Locnville’ have shown that it is possible to become worldwide sensations bearing South African roots. Here are a couple of local bands with mad skill to keep your eyes open for, so you can be “hipster” and know them before they become too “mainstream”:

–          3rd Genre

–          Skin & Bones

–          Al Bairre

–          Paige Mac

–          3rd World Spectator name but a few. Check out their stuff on Youtube, ‘Like’ their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter to be the first to know about gigs and shows where you can support our amazing South African talent. (P.S. the drummer in Al Bairre? I knew him when we were kids, our dads were friends, his name is Tom and now I feel cool, hence my ‘Local is Lekker’ vibe, oh yeahh!! 😉 )This Youtube video is one of Al Bairre’s latest tracks with their brand new video which I really dig, just to get your musical taste buds tingling…

Al Bairre – When I Was Tall

Enjoy peeps, have a fabulous Heritage Day/long weekend!


Jacqui Skeat