Truly Live

It’s so easy to stay where you are. Order the same meal, hang out with the same people, go to the same places, stay comfortable. It’s so easy to follow the plan set out for you by the expectations of others. But that leaves no room for the magic of first times and surprising yourself.

Live. Every moment for the absolute wonder it brings. Allow every day to bring you all the joy it can, to teach you more about the world and yourself. Jump! Into the ocean on an icy morning, into the arms of someone who loves you. Now is the absolute most perfect time.

Be the first person on the dance floor, enter a marathon you’ve watched for years and secretly wanted to join.  Start painting on Saturday mornings, because you love the mess you make. Start playing tennis, start a blog, invite all your friends to picnic on your lawn, invite the person you’ve been flirting with.

Say yes to food you’ve never heard of. Say yes to a party where you won’t know everyone. Say yes to roadtrip adventures. Say yes to your tired self when all you want is to sit in bed and read.

Be everything you can, and when youre tired, rest properly. Breathe deeply, sing loudly to lyrics you believe were written for you. Make friends with the tellers at your grocery store, take time to lie in the sun whenever it’s out. Make lists of things you love and things you wish for, and read both of them often.

Use all of your talents, skills and abilities now. Because now is all any one of us has. And when we embrace life for all the magic it holds, we will find millions of new reasons to be grateful. We will find hundreds of ways to give more. We will find out how wonderful life is.

Andrea Joseph
About Andrea Joseph
Andrea grew up reading fairytales and fashion magazines, and happens to believe that perfect moments are more likely to happen when she’s wearing a high-waisted skirt. She loves to watch the sunrise, and always wishes on the first star she sees. Her vision is to help readers embrace the potential for beauty in every moment -be it in that perfect shoe, or most delicious smoothie. This, she holds, brings out the best kind of joy and freedom – and empowerment.
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