The lowdown on the Olympic food

Swimming superstar Michael Phelps claims he scoffs up to 12,000 calories a day. A tiny Japanese athlete easily tucks away 50 pieces of sushi after training, while another marathon runner gobbles plates of raw mince. Sounds intense! With such an exciting weekend of Olympic games behind us, I thought I’ll dig a bit deeper and find out what those (more normal) super humans are munching on during the games.

In the heart of the Olympic village lies the 24-hour dining room. It is a food court like no other. It has 5 000 seats and serve about 60 000 meals per day. Can you just imagine Phelps, le Clos, Oscar and Bolt casually sitting there and enjoying a meal together? If walls could talk…

It is said that 3 million bananas will eaten by the athletes during the games (thanks to sprinter Yohan Blake who eats about 16 a day!) and about 25 000 loaves of bread, 75 000 litres of milk and all together 330 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables. Because of the thousands of athletes from all over the world there’s a wide selection of cuisines to choose from – you can pretty much get anything you want down there.  The dining hall also has a huge Mc Donalds and there are stands with unlimited amounts of soft drinks, juices and water.  If you’re one of the lucky Olympians that get free access to this dining hall, you simply walk in, pick out what you want and go. After you won your gold medal ( or 2) you just return and stuff your face with even more goodies. Simple as that.

Oh, and did I mention it is all for FREE.



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