Sadness is a Blessing

He sat you down over dinner, told you he wasn’t in love with you anymore and that you should go down separate paths from this moment on.

Sadness paralyzes you. Your heart drops into your stomach. You’re in shock. What do you do next? You can’t stay frozen like this forever. “Say something. Respond. Slap him. Walk away. Cry. Do something!”

Well, if you’re Swedish ingenue Lykke Li, naturally you take down a few glasses of vodka while staring him directly in the eye and start interpretive dancing a la Stevie Nicks in the middle of a hoity toity restaurant, waving your hair and the massive sleeves of your online casinos angelic empress dress all over the place. Yep. That seems like a logical course of action.

Watch Lykke’s impressive dance routine with her new boyfriend, Sadness, in gold, taupe and ivory hues in this Tarek Saleh directed music video, co-starring fellow Swede Stellan Skarsgard. It’s a bit of a single-girl anthem, in the most vulnerable, biting way. Sadness is both a blessing and a curse. Solitude can be the source of pain and peace. Loneliness inspires but also scars.

Next time love has you feeling blue, take a cue from Lykke and get your groove on like you’re the only girl left in this world. 

Credit: her.

Andrea Joseph
About Andrea Joseph
Andrea grew up reading fairytales and fashion magazines, and happens to believe that perfect moments are more likely to happen when she’s wearing a high-waisted skirt. She loves to watch the sunrise, and always wishes on the first star she sees. Her vision is to help readers embrace the potential for beauty in every moment -be it in that perfect shoe, or most delicious smoothie. This, she holds, brings out the best kind of joy and freedom – and empowerment.
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