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chief customer officer

This is exciting.  A new professional avenue that is both business-orientated and fun.  Powerful and yet enjoyable. Meet the new Customer Officer of the company.

Customers are what drive business. But their value is easy to be missed if companies aren’t on top of exactly what customers want, are interacting with, and engage with in day-to-day life.  So called “customer-intelligence” has become a vital cog in designing company strategies, and it would be a fool who sees no benefit in monitoring consumer sentiment.

Well, let’s now introduce the new Chief Customer Officer.  This magical position has been created to bridge the executive-customer research gap. According to the HBR, CCOs will need extensive sales experience, marketing or operational backgrounds and knowledge of how to head up a relationship-driven customer program.  The ability to interrogate data,  to speak “IT”, and describe customers realistically and are the three main attributes required.

Why should you care? Leaders who want to get involved in this sort of executive role in an organisation need to make sure that their customer-intelligence and relationship-building skills are excellent.  This is great news for a vast majority of  business grads not graduating with Accounting or Finance behind their name, as it seems that for this position soft skills are much more valuable than what the degree professes you to have earned.  So you can start working your way up to being an exec from today!

The other really great news is that because customers are always going to be priority number one in selling a product or service, this new job position (HBR claims all wise companies will create it within a decade) is going to be available for a long time ahead.  So plotting out your career path into this role gives you a large probability of success. Good luck, execs!


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