BlackBerry Is Good



Before you lambast me with solid evidence on the hate reports by BB users, or the numerous (and rather tiring) status updates on Facebook where they complain about this & that, let me make my point.

I used to be one of those people absolutely drenched in the mainstream world of hating on BlackBerry. I dreamt of the day I could meet the CEO & kick him in the face. Let him know the anguish & terror that came from lack of BBM services that occurred often. But. I’ve had a change of heart.

See, I’ve been put on a forced vacation from my BB as it’s in repairs. Let me tell you that BBM has never seemed more appealing. The saying “you never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone” has never seemed so real to me.

Gone are the days where I could slap in a *BBM party face* accompanied with a status about “okes be jolling in Tiger”. No longer can I reply to an idiotic remark from a friend with a simple, yet elegant *BBM can’t watch face*. Conversations have lost their appeal & instead of keeping myself amused with the myriad of emoticons, I’m left having to deal with SMS speak & shortened messages to save airtime.

So to all you BB haters that actually have one, take a break from your phone for 2 weeks & then let me know how you feel afterwards. Chances are, your views may have changed. Drastically. For real. Guys. BlackBerry is good.

~ GK

Glenn Kisela
About Glenn Kisela
A self confessed bookworm, he loves to read. He also admits to being part of the gaming world. "Nothing makes me happier than running around with an oversized gun, shooting rockets at people and letting a few numbers boost my ego" - would be his explanation. He enjoys social events, watching more series than is good for his health, is an unashamed coffee addict & a lover of sushi.
  • James M

    Shouldn’t your argument rather be smartphones are good? Not sure that includes BB’s anyway though 😉

    • Glenn Kisela

      Oi, BB’s need to be shown some love! (Until the S2 becomes more affordable :P)

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