Bert le Clos' Interview


With the Olympics over, here”s the one video that you don”t want to have missed.

Chad le Clos won the gold over Phelps in the 200 fly in this year”s London Olympics.  The video that went viral . (It has restrictions on YouTube, so we can”t put it into this post.)

Here are some of the highlights of what went down on Twitter. The hashtag #ChadsDad was huge. (You are about to become incredibly proud.)

  • “Sport is the greatest thing! Us mortals can”t win Olympic medals, but we can still feel it (almost!!) like #chadsdad #london2012 legend #SA”
  • “The best thing about the Olympics so far = #ChadsDad”
  • “I want Chad Le Clos to win so I can see his dad again! #chadsdad”
  • “Dear BBC, can we please have Chad”s Dad on again tonight?”
  • “Fine work from the BBC there getting #chadsdad on. That is what the Olympics are about and what they mean to people”
  • “Chad, your old man rocks. I have just looked in the dictionary at the word “proud” and this is what I found. #ChadsDad”

Yeah, it feels good to be loved by the international press for a change, especially whilst the Proteas smash the Poms. :)


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