Olympic Mistakes From History

Olympic Games

Olympic Games

By now, you may have heard of the embarrassing start to the Olympics that occurred in the women’s football. North Korea was due to come on for their match, but alas, the South Korean flag was raised instead of the North. Admittedly, some of you might be thinking, “North, South, what’s the big deal?” & whilst it might seem like a small error, when both countries are still technically at war (since 1950) it’s a rather big political faux pax.

Luckily, things were quickly corrected & the game was played, but you can imagine the amount of stress that Olympic committees are under when they’re hosting one of the biggest sporting events in the world. So it should come as no surprise to you that this hasn’t been the only gaffe in the prestigious Olympic history books.

Montreal, 1976

Canada’s Montreal almost ran itself into bankruptcy in a bid to finish building their Olympic stadium. At a massive cost of $1.48bn, it took the city 30 years to pay off, and that was with the taxpayer’s money.

Beijing, 2008

This was a big deal for China. Their first hosting of the Olympics & a chance to show the world what they are about. Overall, it was a huge success, however pollution was a huge let down. Conspiracy theorists believe it was that factor that led to China being so successful whilst other countries were left rasping for breath.

London, 2012

Oh no, this isn’t me forgetting my previous paragraphs & repeating the Korean story. No, no, this is worse. The London committee sent a request to a great music band “The Who”, asking for their drummer Keith Moon (rated the second best drummer of all time by Rolling Stone readers) to play in the opening ceremony. Unfortunately, his manager denied their request. His reason: “Well, actually, he currently resides at Golders Green crematorium, where he’s been for the last 35 years.”

Despite London’s clumsy start to the Olympics, I hope you’re all excited to watch it & learn a bit more about sports other than the usual football, cricket or rugby.

~ GK

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