Mix Prints

Do it. Wear stripes and floral at once. Wear orange and green together. Wear colours that clash and fabrics that belong in different seasons, at different events. Layer and play, dance around in your bedroom picking up random items to wear together. Pairing stripes and florals is one of the easiest ways to pull-off the mixed print look. -It could be a striped blazer over a floral dress, a tribal print dress with a polka dot cardigan, or a floral scarf over a striped top.. Have fun with fashion!


Andrea Joseph
About Andrea Joseph
Andrea grew up reading fairytales and fashion magazines, and happens to believe that perfect moments are more likely to happen when she’s wearing a high-waisted skirt. She loves to watch the sunrise, and always wishes on the first star she sees. Her vision is to help readers embrace the potential for beauty in every moment -be it in that perfect shoe, or most delicious smoothie. This, she holds, brings out the best kind of joy and freedom – and empowerment.
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