Healthy eating tips for winter

Eating healthy isn’t always easy. And for so many of us Winter time means comfort food which sometimes means that even your winter pj’s starts to sit a bit tooooo tight.  So here’s a few tips on how to make those winters cravings a bit healthier – the easy way.

1. Make it yourself

So we get those cravings after class or when dinnertime approaches and what do we do? We pop into the nearest take-away shop or if you’re like me you swing by the Woolies Engen shop for a ready-made meal. Convenient? Yes. Expensive? Heck yes. Good for you? Not so much.

So why not spend 20 minutes extra on some shopping and making that soup at home instead of just grabbing a can opener and opening a can of soup.

It is definitely more healthy to cook your own meals at home – this way you know what goes into it and you control the portion size which means you score one point for your health.

2. When in doubt add spinach!

Spinach goes with nearly everything ( baby spinach is often tastier that the usual spinach). Want to add some fiber to a soup. Add spinach. Need to bulk up a salad, burger or wrap. Add spinach. Spinach can even be fried up with eggs for breakfast, blitzed into your smoothie or made into a spinach and feat puree with meat, chicken or fish. It is high in iron and fiber and is low enough in calories that you can add it to any meal to bulk it up.

3. Eat your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

Adding fruit to your daily diet is the easiest way to get in enough vitamins and boost your health. Whatever you eat for brekkie, lunch or dinner, always have some fruit afterwards. Not only does it fill you up, but the sweetness you get from it will take away the sweet craving most of get after a meal (this means less cravings for that tub of ice cream you so want to cuddle up with in front of the tv after dinner)

4. Choose the healthier option

So when you do eat out or grab a ready-made meal try and go for the healthier option. Some stores offer low fat prepared meals and are often half the calories of the usual ones. If you order nachos, ask them to put the sour cream on the side – this way you don’t have to eat everything. Order a salad with whatever you are eating and start with this first – this way you can fill up with the good stuff and will need less of the actual meal. Swop out your burger bun for a whole grain one, replace some of the cheese on your pizza with feta, order poached eggs instead of fried ones…the options are endless. Think smart when eating out.

Remember to really enjoy what you are eating – savor the flavours and appreciate what’s on your plate. We need food to live so we are supposed to enjoy it. Tweak your food choices here and there for the winter times when we you are less active and you’ll be ready when summer rolls by.



Illanique van Aswegen