5 Top Trends of the Future


Well here is my stab at the next big thing(s). Let me know what you think.

Temperature regulation
Climate change has made some people extremely happy.  And they are the people who own companies making air-conditioners, heaters and humidifiers. Because of the extreme hot and cold between seasons, even Cape Town will be boarding this train pretty soon.  In any case, get ready for some construction work at malls, restaurants and homes in the next few months.

Wireless Proliferation
South Africa has the infrastructure, the market, the online businesses.  What we haven’t had is fast-speed internet for a reasonable price.  But that should change soon, with the SeaCom cables being constructed and soon to be operational.  Stellenbosch already boasts impressive WiFi connectivity, and with any luck we’ll all get used to it soon.

Meaningful Slowdown
In a world of distractions and speed, we find meaning in slowness. Slow indie songs. Meaningful walks on crowdless boulevards. Escaping traffic and people to the country. Living without social media for a weekend. Shopping away from a mall. People are noticing fatigue at a younger age than ever before, and want to combat it by adapting lifestyles.

Social Sharing
Instead of commenting about the rugby and the party last night, youth are using tools like memes and cartoons to create an ongoing social commentary about how they feel.  Yes, it has the potential to be both annoying and informative.  Let’s hope that it swings away from Bieber rip-offs and football insults.

The “U”-shaped recovery means that we’re all still pretty ready to save money or buy things for genuine value.  So fashion trends are going to indicate this.  We’ll be wearing strapped sandals, heavy jeans, large shirts and solid boots.  Nothing too skimpy, thin or expensive.


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