Holy Days

happy holidays

Okay, not quite “holy”.  In fact, not at all.

But it’s holidays, people!  Boom boom pow!  Its that time of year where sleep patterns go into hibernation, parents ask you to do something with your life, and you feel like life is worth living again. Until results come, of course.

Either way, it has undoubtably been a tough long semester for you all.  As it has for us!  So we’ll be taking our usual few weeks off from providing y’all with top content – and be back before you know it, mid-July. Yes, there might be the odd post from the team, but no, I don’t need tweets reminding me that no financial indicators have come out in the past fortnight!

Buuuut, as always, feel free to contact us and tell us about what you want to hear more about/ have us cover/comment on, or even rage a little towards.

Peace, love, hugs and no drugs. Happy holidays.


Benjamin Shaw
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