Fuel-Saving Tips for the Winter

fuel saving tips

We”ve helped out before.  But now we”ve got even more to tell you.  Save, save, save!

Check tyre pressure
Under-inflated tyres cause unnecessary drag on the road.  And yep, that makes it more fuel-intensive.

Service your car
How does this save money, right?!  Well, a badly maintained vehicle will not perform as it was designed to, which means that fuel will be consumed just to unblock passages, get around old pipes and clean out rusty engine pieces.

Reduce your drag
Take off roofracks, spoilers and tin cans you”re dragging behind.  Yep, air-resistance is more than a F1 fantasy.

Turn off your air-con
When you”re not dying of heat-exhaustion, why keep it on?  And even in summer, the general rule of thumb is that if you”re going less than 60km/h, rather keep your windows open.

Don”t carry unnecessary baggage
No, you don”t need that second change of clothing, 3rd umbrella or old pair of boots.  Nor should you be driving around with your textbooks during the holidays, I best online casino might add!

Consistency is Key
Try to drive smoothly – without major acceleration and deceleration – to use momentum rather than fuel…

RPM for changing gears
Optimal RPM to change gears for petrol vehicles: 2500
Optimal RPM to change gears for diesel vehicles: 2000
Don”t question.  Just do it. Nerds told us.

Bigger is Better
Longer journeys increase fuel efficiency.  Stop-start driving is terrible not least because each time you switch your engine off, it cools down and requires fuel just to heat up back to optimal!

Gear appropriately
Uphill, lower gears.  Coasting, higher gears. Duh!

Yeah, okay so I just saved you maybe R50.  So what right?  Well, that”s R50 per month… and since you”ll be driving another 50 years or so, I just saved you R30 000.  You”re welcome.


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