Fashion to Get You to Friday

I only recently discovered that today is only Monday. This fact made me sad, because I thought it was Friday and I really like staying in my pajamas. So I made a list of great outfit inspirations to make four more days of getting out of bed worth it.

1. I want to hate Lemon, but I just cant. She’s all, “I’m a ginga, I’m badass in this Proenza Schouler, and Rachel Bilson is lucky I don’t look this amazing on Hart of Dixie because George Tucker would never look  her way.” And she’s totally right. LEARN TO ROCK THIS LOOK, GIRLS.

2. This is Lizzie Olsen. Yes there’s another Olsen, and she’s equally amazing. Really, this picture reminds me how much I love winter jerseys. Especially how much I love the men’s jerseys in stores this season. Then I remember that I bought a bunch, and I want to jump out of bed and wear them all!

If you are a girl who can rock a winter hat, I hope youre wearing one right now. I hope you own five hundred winter hats and wear one every single wintery day.

3. The always wonderful Taylor Swift won Woman of the Year at the Billboard Awards last night, YAY. We get to be in love with her dress, and also the stalker-photo of an outift she wore earlier this week. Red lips, leather bags, fun print skirt, great shorts, retro sunglasses, stealthy umbrella… What’s not to love!

4. I have fallen in love with, wait for it… wearing pants. GUYS! It’s like, the best. And this girl is pretty much the ultimate at pants-wearing.  See winter hat, lovely shirt tucked into pastel skinny jeans, crowd-pleaser Converse, cute-but-practical bag..

Every store has jeans in the strangest, most intriguing colours right now, go out and buy a pair, and be this girl.

5. If you own a dress this amazing, or even close, set your alarm for 6am and dance around in it from sunrise to sunset, because you are living your best life! Autumn is for bold prints and knee-length everything and still wearing sunglasses because “the light comes so suddenly, ya know..”

I wish you all the best for leaving your house this week. May the odds be ever in your favour.