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Technology is at the forefront of all major developments, especially the war that doctors wage daily. This week, it seems there’s been a major breakthrough & against one of the most devastating opponents. Cancer. The cure for cancer has always been an elusive one mainly because the process of selectively targeting cancer cells whilst ignoring healthy ones has proven challenging.

Nanotechnology has changed everything on that front. The idea itself isn’t very new. For decades now, researchers have tried to wire nanoparticles to deliver their devastating payload inside cancer infected cells whilst avoiding healthy one. The difficulty came with the instability that occurred when nanoparticles joined with the diseased cell. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

However Bind Biosciences, launched in 2007 in Cambridge, has given nanomedicine hope. They’ve refined the technique of creating nanoparticles to ensure that the instability mentioned before isn’t so high, making the technique safer. The results from their drug trials have been mind blowing. One patient had her tumour reduced by 60% in only 6 months.

It’s still too early to tell if this is going to turn into the real thing & create a cure for one of the most devastating illnesses to come on this earth. One thing is certain though & that is researchers are one step closer to finding that elusive cure.

Whilst the war on cancer rages on, read up about edible elevators or else check out the top 100 YouTube clips.

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