A 21-hour work week – Final words

So I’ve covered all the angles of a 21-hour work week and I think it’s a great idea. There are so many benefits to a shorter working week! For me the number one is a more sleep! But also its a chance for us to live sustainable lives.

But I would just like to clarify that this isn’t a perfect solution to the challenges society is facing at the moment. This is just a vision. A picture of what things could look like. Something for optimists like me to hope for. Its just a small part in a much bigger picture.

Also I would just like to clear up that it won’t happen overnight. This is something that would take years and possibly decades to get to. It’s an idea that has the possibility of working and that’s why I believe in it. If it can happen then why not believe it will.

So for you as the reader of this idea, what can you do to contribute? The first thing you can do is spread the idea! Tell people. You all have friends, go and spread the word!

That’s the last of the 21-hour working week. But that isn’t the end of new economic concepts. So stay tuned. Have a good weekend.


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