Ramos Alarm Clock of Death



Alarm clocks. Such fickle devices. That’s not because they don’t work or they can’t be seen as reliable, but rather our skills at being able to nullify there simple task have evolved to such an extent that a 25 year old engineer decided to create the ultimate alarm clock.

This alarm clock will ruin your mornings in ways never before imagined. Gentle wake ups will be a thing of the past, but here’s the important bit: so will oversleeping. Never again will you hit snooze only to find out that your 5 min power nap turned into a full blown 2 hour sleepathon that resulted in you missing your lecture, your early morning coffee date and that handin you were up all night trying to complete.

So I’m sure you’re wondering what makes this alarm any different to the usual arsenal? Well for one, there is no snooze button on this alarm. The second line of defence is that if you unplug it in a moment of sleep-deprived rage, the battery kicks in as a backup power source. The alarm ring itself is similar to the “ding-dong” of bells created to replicate the clang of a concierge bell. For those of you who don’t know what that is, click the link to see what they look like.

I think you’re starting to realise the formidability of this alarm clock. So the money question. How does one stop it? You have to go to the bathroom or kitchen where there will be a keypad where you type in the current day’s date. This will stop the alarm. Finally. The engineer who created this monster, Paul Sammut, jokingly suggests that you could stop it by bashing it, but seeing as this alarm clock will go at roughly R2 500, that’s not advised. I recommend everyone buys this alarm clock, if only to make your mornings so unbearable that waking up is greeted with happiness and an opportunity to escape Ramos.

~ GK

Glenn Kisela
About Glenn Kisela
A self confessed bookworm, he loves to read. He also admits to being part of the gaming world. "Nothing makes me happier than running around with an oversized gun, shooting rockets at people and letting a few numbers boost my ego" - would be his explanation. He enjoys social events, watching more series than is good for his health, is an unashamed coffee addict & a lover of sushi.
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