Edible elevators

I had to read this article posted by twice, just to make sure I read correctly. Willy Wonka-inspired elevator with edible Jaffa Cake walls? Yes, that’s what it said. They call it the first ever lickable lift. It was launched a few days ago, and a lucky bunch of office workers have the pleasure of testing out this edible lift in London. The Jaffa Cake spokesperson commented that it is a “new and fun way to bring a little joy to stressed office workers.” Yup, might be awesome on one of those hectic days where you forget to eat breakfast and then only realize your stomach is growling when you hit the elevator. Ooh but I so won’t be able to lick a Jaffa off the wall…what if someone licked that same one before me… what if someone sneezed on it… what if…


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