Easter – Way of Escape?


Easter Friday dawns.  Christians go to church. Why?  And what could they need reminding of that they didn’t hear last year?

There is no doubt that you’ve heard this all before.  Jesus Christ, the self-proclaimed Son of God, was found without fault before Pilate and then sentenced to death by crucifixion – on this Good Friday.  Blah blah.  Religious nonsense.  Or that’s what everyone thinks, right?

Well if that’s your understanding of Easter this year, then why not make an effort at working out what the fuss is all about.  Was Christ who he said he was?  Why were there reports of his resurrection, if surely that’s impossible?  Did the sky really turn black for a few hours?  Why was Jesus hated and sentenced by Jews – the very people he had been born into and worked with?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we spend less time thinking about death than we do about the potential results of the rugby this weekend, and the precise spot we want our marriage proposal to happen.  We spend less time wondering and deliberating life’s purpose than we do picking out clothes each day.  And yet death is more certain than anything else in this life.

Well why not take 20 minutes today to try to understand why Christians worldwide are meeting together in fellowship over the death of their Lord.  The talk below is titled the Death of Death.  Why not have a listen.


It comes from here, and was delivered by Rev. Scott Tubman.


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