6 Reasons Not to Buy a New iPad

So, you are probably intrigued by the title of this article, because why would anyone in their right minds not want to buy The New iPad, with its quad-core graphics, better screen, 4G, etc.? Well, I will give you 6…

Reason Number 6: Price
The New iPad may not have gone up in price, but it has not gone down either. The iPad is currently the most expensive Tablet PC per GB of storage available today. Some other aspects that contribute to its expensive-ness is that even though the nice cover that Apple sell is claimed to fir both the iPad 2 and The New iPad, it down not fit nearly as snuggly as it does to the iPad 2 – gotta spend more money on a new one. You may also find yourself going for a more expensive iPad purely because of the big screen resolution and how now movies and games will require much more space to store.

Reason Number 5: 4G, but not everywhere.
Even though Apple have branded their device as 4G, you may find that very few places actually have 4G signal, if you live outside the developed world, ie. if you live anywhere in South Africa in particular, there are no big areas that support 4G anywhere outside the big cities, thus rendering your 4G redundant.

Reason Number 4: Heavier and Thicker?
Wait, what? I thought that Steve Jobs always insisted that every device that comes out be thinner and lighter than its predecessor? You are correct, he did. Apple really mucked up because the iPad 2 was not exactly light anyway. Even though The New iPad is less than a millimeter thicker than the iPad 2, it does not fit in many of the popular cases for the iPad 2, meaning you will have to spend more money again on a new one.

Reason Number 3: The Retina Display
OK, I cant be serious right? How can 4 times as many pixels not be better? Well, for starters, Apple have had to add Quad-Core graphics – great, right? Wrong! More pixels means much more processing power needed for even simple tasks. So despite the so called “ground breaking” graphics chip, it actually keeps The New iPad’s graphics performance almost exactly where the iPad 2 was a year ago. Twice the resolution also does not necessarily mean twice the quality, especially when it comes to video – many experts say that despite the increased resolution, videos don’t look much better than they did on the iPad 2. One expert from CNet claimed that the difference was “subtle to non-existant”. Icons and Text may look way clearer of you happen to stick your eye on the glass and squint, but for video, there is no “wow factor” like when you got your first HD TV. I don’t remember anyone complaining about the iPad 2’s screen anyway…

Reason Number 2: One Port doing one thing…
One port that makes you do one things really: Spend more money on adapters. USB, VGA, HDMI, SDcard and the like, they all require their own adapters, which if you are human you are almost guaranteed to loose at some point or another.

Reason Number 1: If you have an iPad 2
Sounds strange? Apple sold over 3 million New iPad’s in the first 3 days, and most of those customers had never had an iPad before. If you already have an iPad 2, its lighter, thinner, has a display no one has even complained about, and lets not forget that its much cheaper now that The New iPad is here.

There you go folks, top 6 reasons to stay away from The New iPad. It probably wont stop me though… 😉

Update: Apple have announced that The New iPad will be available in South Africa on the 28th of April. Stay tuned for more details.



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