The Oil Effect

In this provocative and emotive talk, Gareth Lenz talks about the true image of environmental devastation, and what the actual impact of mining and oil is. Whether reducing this issue to an emotional level prevents us from engaging in rational discussion on energy production is another question, but you cannot doubt the impact this presentation has had on many fights against environmental destruction worldwide.

The video is long, but I encourage you to watch the majority of the video, be it just first and last 5 minutes of the talk. It questions your role in the fight against environmental destruction, particularly in getting states to step up to their responsibilities.

What do you think about this issue and the talk? Does this kind of presentation address the need for rational discussion and change, or is it merely worsening the divide between a problem and a solution?

Talking of having a big impact, you should read about the iPad3 and the Greek Bailout.


  • Colin

    Scary scary scary shit.

  • Susie Brownlie

    short-term gains, long-term ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’…we have been accurately described as ‘the age of stupid’.

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