Just “4” Fun (Part 2)

Its nearly time for holidays, which depending on your priorities, may mean hibernating, catching up on the partying you missed out on, spending time with friends and family rather than the computers and books you’ve formed bonds with, or even just loafing around and doing absolutely nothing.

If you’re one of those people that wants to spend a good portion of the holidays being lethargic, here’s my suggestion: Download the following 5 games for your iPhone 4, oh, and also download the first 5 which I wrote about here, find the nearest couch, preferably one that has an electricity socket nearby to charge your iPhone, and get playing!

10. Plunderland

In 10th spot is Plunderland, which I discovered on iPad originally. Controlling the ship of 3 pirates, you have to make sure you sink your enemies’ ships and don’t get sunk by inhospitable islanders. You can upgrade your ship too, and play in different modes. Ay ay matey!

Plunderland Game

9. Aquaduct

Aquaduct is just a typical pipes game, as I believe it is called. Make sure you can get the water from the tap to the drain and Bob’s your uncle! Its not as easy as it looks though, and as you progress, space to move the pipes around becomes scarce!

Aquaduct iPhone Game

8. Let’s Golf 3

Originally not a fan of golf itself, golf apparel, news about golf or golf games, Let’s Golf 3 has changed my opinion. Only on the golf games front, that is! Design your character, dress them, adopt a pet, choose which country you want to play in, and let the games begin!

Let's Gold 3 iPhone Game

7. Pictureka

Pictureka is hidden-object type of game, but the objects arent actually hidden. At the beginning of each level, you are told to find certain things, for e.g.: 3 things that are sharp, 4 pieces of furniture and 2 things that are edible. Scroll along your screen to browse through all the objects and click on what you’re looking for. Lots of fun, and VERY addictive!

Pictureka Hidden Object Game

6. Angry Gran

Exactly as the name suggests, Angry Gran is a game where you play as an old woman who goes around smacking chavs, aristocrats, telephone booths and dustbins to collect money.  There are checkpoints throughout the game though, where the old lady’s speed increases and aiming becomes harder. The more money Angry Gran earns, the wider your choice of weapons, and the more money she’ll earn. Oh, and remember to collect her pension pot!

Angry Gran iPhone Game

I’ll post my top 5 favourite games in the next 2 weeks, but until then, give these a go and happy holidays! :)



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