Easter egg time!

You know how shops like to do things, and bring out specific products, way before the time they are meant to come out? So ‘Back to school’ items will be on sale the day after school has broken up :-), or Christmas decorations will be up in mid-October, and now Easter items are making their way back onto the shelves with just over a month or so to go.

So to fit in with this theme of doing things super early, a list of egg dying ingredients seems to be the way to go.

Try using these food items to make your desired Easter egg dying colour:

  • purple grape juice – lavender
  • small quantity of red onion skins or red wine – violet blue
  • spinach leaves – green
  • turmeric – yellow
  • carrots – orange
  • coffee – brown
  • beets – pink
  • lots of red onion skins – red
  • red cabbage – blue

Personally I would go for the spinach leaves and purple grape juice.

For more awesome ideas go to http://www.squidoo.com/easter-eggs

Enjoy :-)



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