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We want to keep you updated with the goings-on of the site… 

So we’re making a few changes at the end of the year.  Because Varsity View now celebrates its 1st birthday!

We’ll be giving it a break during the holidays.  Student life often becomes family life during this period and celebrating Christ’s birth is more important than reading up on how to best prepare yourself for the next year at Varsity.

We’re currently reviewing the aesthetic feel of the site and may make a few changes.  Nothing drastic, you should rather start geting excited! 😉

Always recruiting talent, we’ve already expanded by 400% this year.  Next year we may have more writers onboard, and if you’re at all interested, use our contact form to send us a message!

Next Year
We’ll be back by February next year.  And yeah, we have lotsa good things lined up for then! Stay tuned!

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