Sh*t That Siri Says… (11.11.14)

Ready for some laughs? Apple’s Siri can help! The best of the best Siri slip-ups right here in our new series.

If you follow trends, you might know about a little website called “Sh*t That Siri Says” where people upload screen shots of some bizarre responses they have received from Apple’s iPhone 4S’ Siri function, a voice operated AI. Instead of you having to brows through hundreds of lame ones to find the occasional awesome one, you can brows our pre-sorted ones here! (Source for all pictures is

Apparently Apple does not approve of bad language.

O…….K…….. so we know that Kevin is someone’s bitch…

Honesty is the best policy. And apparently Siri knows more than we give it credit for.

Anyone else suddenly understanding why Apple is so successful?

And Siri is the type that would be embarrassed.

Yeah, ‘cos a professional relationship with your iPhone is what everyone wants right?

So, Apple is at least being honest, and leaving people to decide for themselves. But seriously, who asked their phone something like that?!

I hope you have enjoyed our first installment in what will be a weekly tradition. In the meantime, read all about the soon to come changes to Varsity View here, as we reach our first birthday!

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