BlackBerry Services Crash Worldwide

Blackberry Outage

Blackberry Outage

BlackBerry servers crash, crippling services worldwide.

Noticed how bleak everyone is at varsity since yesterday? Notice how quiet classrooms are with no BBM ring sounding off? It’s not because South Africa got kicked out by Bryce Lawrence Australia. That is the silence of RIM losing its servers.

The announcement was made last night. The problem was made aware of, when network customers began tweeting & emailing complaints of lack of service. Network providers quickly pointed the finger at RIM, saying that since sms services & calls were still functioning, it couldn’t be their fault. BlackBerry soon responded with the statement: “…working to resolve an issue currently impacting some Blackberry subscribers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.”

The server crash has left millions without services. You would have noticed via Facebook status updates that some of those millions included friends who could be heard bemoaning the lack of Twitter mobility or BBM love.

People are quick to laugh away the problem, claiming that it’ll help BBM addicts become more social, but before you get so quick to mouth off those bemoaning the server crash, remember that BlackBerry was a business phone long before it became a 16 year old’s digital crush. Many companies rely on its free services & email service to function. Many are now left functionless until services return.

As of this publication, only email has been restored, but internet access & BBM are still offline. You can be sure that such a worldwide crash will hurt RIM immensely. Having already lost a lot of market share to Apple & Android phones, this will not be taken lightly, nor should it. It seems the technology industry is receiving some game changing events. First Apple loses its inspiration in Steve Jobs, now RIM experiences a worldwide crash that could cripple their market share further.

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Glenn Kisela
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A self confessed bookworm, he loves to read. He also admits to being part of the gaming world. "Nothing makes me happier than running around with an oversized gun, shooting rockets at people and letting a few numbers boost my ego" - would be his explanation. He enjoys social events, watching more series than is good for his health, is an unashamed coffee addict & a lover of sushi.
  • James M

    Yea…RIM are crashing hard. Some say Steve is enjoying playing God and messing with RIM. Maybe Android or Samsung are next 😉

  • daniel

    Samsung phones use android you tool, so they’re the same thing

  • James M

    Maybe you should read up about some patents wars mkay? Noob.

  • mike

    The lack of service is it temprorary? If you dont know say nothing

    • Glenn

      According to RIM, everything should be set up again. Personally, I’m still offline on all services.

  • mogae

    I am live in africa and my bbm and other services were offline for two days , when I call my provider they told me RIM server crushed in europe and aisia
    Who knows what’s next.

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