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Innovative ways of creating publicity for your start-ups.

Publicity is important. It’s a make or break aspect of any project that you want to succeed. Everyone has the same view when it comes to publicity. “All publicity is good publicity” the saying goes. As most things in life go, such a valuable commodity is expensive to acquire, so when there are ways of attaining it with next to nothing costs, it’s worth checking out.

Start Up Conferences:

What may seem like an intimidating idea at first, can actually be a great platform to kick start your publicity campaign. Often, conferences are established to serve as a mediator between start-ups and potential investors. It’s perfect to start getting the word out to people that need to hear it. Getting an invitation however is the hard part, but start with smaller conferences and work your way up.


People love to win. They will do just about anything to get a prize. So use that to your advantage. Many companies have already taken this concept to Facebook with competitions available only to people that “like” their page. Make sure it’s a decent prize & you can see your publicity shoot up.

Get Naked:

Look, this is just the world we live in. If all else fails, just take your clothes off. Maybe not your clothes, but clothes belonging to someone need to be removed. If anything, it’ll bring some controversy and then you can just refer to the saying “all publicity is good publicity”.

If taking your clothes off isn’t your deal, check out Windows 8 preview, or some of the great rugby world cup eating spots!


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